This page offers helpful information and links to various resources relating to community-led housing. 

Networking - We aim to produce a directory of rural and urban community-led housing groups in Kent at whatever stage in the process, so that they have the opportunity to network, get new members, learn from each other, share resources and offer support.  Please contact us at and let us know what type of community-led housing you're looking at and where you're based.  

Funding - there are various sources of funding for community-led housing schemes to help you get off the ground as well as for capital costs. Community Led Homes, the national, central resource for community-led housing has an excellent funding section.  See also links below for more local sources of funding. 

Land - finding land for projects is challenging.  In rural areas it might be possible to use the exception site policy if the homes will provide affordable housing for local people (see the Land section on our Local Needs Housing page).  We are keen to hear from urban and rural landowners wanting to consider selling land for community-led housing and would be happy to discuss options with you.  


These websites open in a new browser window and Rural Kent are not responsible for any 3rd party content.

Community Led Homes - a central resource for all things CLH which is a partnership of the 3 organisations directly below

National CLT Network 

UK Cohousing Network 

The Confederation of Co-operative Housing

Radical Routes network of housing and worker co-operatives working for radical social change

Diggers and Dreamers - for people interested in communal living in the UK

Self-help Housing - involves groups of people, often in housing need, bringing empty properties back into use

Community Self-Build Agency - helping people in housing need to build their own homes

Locality, Community-led Housing Toolkit - a toolkit for getting a project up and running

Dover District Council CH Grants Scheme - DDC's grants scheme for CLH groups based in the Dover area

Swale CLH Grants Scheme - CLH Swale grants scheme for groups based in the Swale area (see our CLH Swale page)

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