As a member, you will have access to Oast to Coast from the members area and you will have access to a wide variety of information.  The members area requires a password which will be circulated to you upon joining.

You can also request practical advice on a range of issues such as:

  • Local Needs Housing

  • Community Action Plans (or Parish Plans) and issues arising thereof

  • Community Halls

  • Funding and Grant applications

  • Strengthening your group or organisation

  • Best practice

  • Opportunity to network with other organisations in your field of expertise

  • Access to information sheets, model documents and toolkits

  • Invitations to events and seminars

  • Opportunity to become a Trustee


Plus you get to join others in voicing your opinion on matters affecting you and where you live.

The cost (2019/2020):

Parish Council - Population 1-1000                 £52.00

Parish Council - Population 1001-5000           £75.00

Parish Council - Population 5001-10000         £100.00

Parish Council - Population 10000+                £150.00

Village Hall / Community Building                    £52.00

Social Enterprise/Business                              £52.00

Individual Person                                             £10.00

To request a membership brochure please email

For results of the "Hire Charge Survey" please visit the Members Area.  The results are collated by District.


If you are not a member of Rural Kent, please join us and see how your community can benefit.


Our THANKS go out to all our members - we appreciate your continued support.






If you do not wish to become a member but care about your rural community and would like to help us continue with our work, then we would welcome a donation.  Of course, even if you are a member, you are very welcome to donate.